How to Clean Carpet on Stairs?

Carpeting on stairs is a popular option. People love the look of carpeted stairs, the safety they provide, and the sound barrier from all foot traffic. If you live in a house with stairs and your stairs are carpeted or you have stairs with carpet runners, you know it won’t take long before the carpet starts looking tired and dirty. Let’s face it, trying to keep your stairs clean in a high-traffic area can be frustrating. Stair cleaning can become a chore that is seen as difficult and time-consuming.

Below we offer an easy and effective way to clean your stairs for when you can’t get a professional carpet cleaning service.

Here are the main steps on an easy and effective way to clean your stairs for when you can’t get a professional carpet cleaning service in summary form.

Brush – This will loosen hardened debris and dirt on stairs.

Vacuum – Use a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt from the carpet.

Shampoo – Scrub each stair thoroughly with carpet shampoo until clean.

Dry – Use a carpet cleaner or absorbent towel to remove excess water.

Vacuum – Vacuum again when the stairs are completely dry.

How to Clean Carpeted Stairs?

1. Remove Dirt and Residue with a Stiff Brush

The first step in cleaning carpeted stairs is removing stubborn dirt and debris deep within the carpet that doesn’t come out with regular vacuuming. A good way to do this is to brush the carpet with a stiff bristle brush. Pay special attention to corners and edges.

Always start at the top of the ladder and work your way down. After working on a stair and loosening any dirt, use the brush to sweep the dirt down the stairs. This will make it easier to hold all the debris together and prevent it from returning to the carpet.

2. Sweep up Loose Dirt with a Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

When all the dirt on the carpet has been loosened, it’s time for the vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs is a cordless, battery-operated vacuum cleaner or a lightweight vacuum cleaner with a long power cord. The last thing you want to do is try to balance at the top of a ladder with a heavy vacuum trying to pull you down. The best way to sweep stairs is to start over and work your way down each stair. This ensures that you do not run over the previously cleaned carpet and do not chew on the dirt.

3. Shampoo Every Stair Stair

The next step is to give the stairs a really good clean with a cleaning agent like carpet shampoo. The best way to shampoo carpet on stairs is to wash it by hand with a scrubbing brush, but this is also the most time-consuming and labor-intensive method.

4. Dry the Stairs

After shampooing your stairs, there will be a lot of water on them unless you use a carpet cleaner that absorbs water as you clean it. You need to remove as much of this excess water as possible, as it will take days to dry naturally. Mold and other bacteria can grow on your carpet at this time, so it’s in your best interest to remove excess moisture as soon as possible. The best way to dry a carpet is with a carpet cleaner or wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The alternative is to use absorbent towels or cloths to absorb moisture. This can be very time-consuming and I recommend using a machine.

5. Final Vacuum

After removing as much water as you can from carpeted stairs, let them dry naturally for a while, preferably overnight.

When the stairs are completely dry, give them a final vacuum to freshen the carpet and remove any debris from the cleaning process. You should now have a very clean-looking stair.

It is recommended that you vacuum your stairs daily if there is heavy foot traffic to prevent dirt build-up and to minimize the wear and tear caused by soil grounding into the fibers of the carpet. You can shampoo the stairs once a month to keep your carpet looking its best.

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