How to Install a Ceiling Fan?

As the temperature slowly rises, you get more and more dependant on ceiling fans.  A ready to install ceiling fan brings a difference to your household ambiance at a lower maintenance cost and doing it on your own even eliminates the cost of installation.

The first basic step is to choose the perfect location to distribute the airflow uniformly to every corner of the rooms. Usually, the central location of the room is chosen. Then switch off the central electricity supply to avoid getting electrified.  Usually, a ceiling fan weighs about 50 pounds, so you need to put up a support brace to hold the fan.

The next step is to add the fan-bracket by joining it with the electric box with the help of screws.  Then you need to identify the wiring according to the color of the wires and install the fan motor.  The next step is to match the wires coming out from the electric box with those from the ceiling fan, taking help from the manual instructions.  After you are done fasting the wires, attach each fan blades with the socket with the help of screws and screwdrivers.

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