Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Heater

If the heating system in your home or office cannot bring the temperature to the desired level, leave empty one plug socket. Electric heaters are becoming your biggest helper. Electric heaters, which are sometimes used as main heaters and sometimes as an auxiliary, are among the indispensables of the winter season. When you choose the suitable one for your purpose among the electric heaters with different types, it becomes possible to reach a warmer area and to save money. So, what are the points to be considered when buying an electric heater? Which type of electric heater can meet your need?

Where you want to use the electric heater is important

You have decided to buy an electric heater, but you could not decide which electric heater to choose. First of all, we can say that the best electric heater is the heater chosen according to the area and usage needs. For example, if your goal is to heat an area in a very short time, you should not prefer heater types that take a long time to heat. You can decide on the right electric heater by getting to know the heater types.

If you are going to buy an electric heater for an open area

You own a place, are looking for a solution to protect your outdoor customers from the cold weather, or you have a semi-open balcony and want to buy an electric heater so you can sit on the balcony in winter. It doesn’t matter what you want. If you want to buy an electric heater for a place that may have a lot of heat loss, such as a fully open or semi-open area, your choice should be infrared heaters. If you ask “What is an infrared heater?”, let’s give the answer right away. Infrared heaters transmit heat through the light they reflect and directly heat the person or object affected by this light. It is not effective in areas where light does not reach. This is exactly why you see infrared heaters in the cafes and restaurants you visit. As the entire open area cannot be heated, it is only aimed to prevent guests from getting cold.

If you are going to buy an electric heater for a closed area

There are many types of electric heaters that you can use if you do not have a heating system in your home or office or want to take the heat to a higher level. Moreover, unlike infrared heaters, these electric heaters affect a wider area. So you can heat the whole area, not a specific object or person. Now let’s take a closer look at the electric heaters you can buy for use in your home or office.

Oil radiators: Oily radiators, which resemble heating radiators, but are separated from normal radiators because of being electric and oil inside, is one of the most preferred types. The temperature offered by the oily radiators, which gradually heat the area in which they are operated, can continue for a long time without factors such as glass or door opening.

Convector heaters: Convector heaters, which offer the advantage of being placed in different areas as well as being fixed to the wall thanks to their special feet, are blown as hot air from the upper part bypassing the cold air they receive from the bottom and through the resistances. This type of electric heater is preferred by people with dust allergies or asthma because they do not ventilate the dust. In addition, convector heaters are a very ideal choice for those who want to heat larger areas quickly and to heat larger areas.

Fan heaters: Fan heaters, which are used to increase the temperature of their environment by blowing hot air thanks to their fans, are generally used as auxiliary heaters and not as main heaters. You can use fan heaters, which are not enough for large areas, as an additional option in areas such as bathrooms and children’s rooms.

Which Additional Features Should You Look For In The Electric Heater You Will Buy?

You have found out which electric heater is right for you depending on the area you will use. So, what are the additional features that are very important when buying an electric stove?

Having your electric heater with stand by mode saves energy and does not exceed the desired temperature of the environment. Stand by mode is the technology that enables your electric heater to stop itself when the environment reaches the ideal temperature and to restart when the environment is cold. Excessive energy consumption when you turn off and on the electric heater yourself will not occur in stand by mode.

“What if the heater falls to the floor?” is one of the biggest fears of all users. However, you can solve this problem by choosing electric heaters with tip-over safety. Tip-over safety heaters automatically stop working when they fall, thus preventing an unwanted situation.

If you have children at home, you should stay away from heaters with sharp corners or choose one of the electric heater options that can be installed.

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