Are You Brushing Your Hair Properly? 7 Mistakes You Probably Make

We make many mistakes while brushing our hair without realizing it. But you will realize the power of brushing the hair correctly after reading this article.

Mistakes You Make Brushing Your Hair

You may be brushing your hair the wrong way

Moving the brush from top to bottom can pull your hair out of its follicles, causing damage and breakage. The best way to untie tangled strands is to start a little further from the ends and work your way up carefully to the roots. The most effective technique seems to be splitting your hair into several parts and removing tangles in each part separately.

You may be just brushing the ends of your hair

While it is better to start detangling your hair from the ends, this should not mean that you will neglect your roots. Your scalp produces nutrient-rich oils that are essential for the beauty and health of your curls. Distributing these oils to the ends of your hair will make your hair shiny and prevent frizz. brushing your hair also gives you a gentle massage on your scalp, which increases blood flow and facilitates healthy hair growth.

Your brush choice may be wrong

Using the right brush can prevent your hair from breaking. If you have wavy and curly hair, give the “paddle brushes” a chance as they will detangle tangles easily. If your hair is not thin and bulky, the brushes referred to as “boar hair” will glide gently through your hair strands without damaging your hair or pulling your roots.

You may brush too often

Brushing too hard and too hard can weaken your hair and cause breakage. Instead, try to focus on the quality of your scan. No matter how good your hair brushing technique is, be sure to clean your brush regularly. Using a dirty brush means re-spreading the remaining conditioner and dead skin cells onto your hair.

Whether your hair is wet or dry, you may be using the same brush

Wet hair is prone to breakage and using the wrong type of brush can easily damage the hair. The best brushes you can use to brush your wet hair are wide-toothed brushes. In this way, your hair can be easily detangled.

You may be brushing your curls when they’re dry

Haircare experts recommend that you avoid brushing frizzy hair when it’s dry and avoid using a solvent spray beforehand. You can apply a separate curler and gently separate the curls without applying too much force. brushing the hair too hard can cause further damage and breakage.

You may not be brushing your hair before washing

Brushing your hair before going into the shower can prevent your hair from tangling. Instead of rubbing the shampoo, gently massage your scalp, and instead of wringing and wringing your wet hair, gently remove the water from your hair with a towel. Because this can cause your hair to tangle and you may need to brush it again.

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