8 Simple Tricks to Brighten Your Dark Room

One of the inevitable problems of city life is the dark or low light rooms. Especially in regions where the population lives heavily, finding a bright house with all rooms is a difficult task. So can we solve this problem? Of course.

It is possible to make big differences with the changes you can make at low costs without breaking and spilling.

How to brighten a dark room?

Review lighting

Let’s start with the simplest step. Do you think you have applied the lighting that is really suitable for that room? It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of both chandelier and bulb. Instead of closed, dark-colored chandeliers that show dim surroundings, products with reflective properties should be preferred evenly distributing light to the room. When choosing the bulbs, the size of the room should be taken into consideration and the correct lumen values ​​should be determined and it should be decided accordingly.

Choose the right white

The first color that comes to our mind for the walls of a dark room is of course ‘white’. But what shade of white? As you know, when we look at the paint catalogs today, we see dozens of shades of white. Our suggestion is that you prefer slightly shades rather than overly bright tones like milk-white. In this way, your room will look bright and a tiring environment will not be created.

Avoid dark-colored furniture

If you have a thick, wide center coffee table in your room for a long time, you probably are not even aware of the jam it has created. When you replace it with a thin, minimal coffee table similar to the example in the image, you will be very surprised by the spaciousness in the room.

Say hello to open shelves

Yes, closed shelves often look more organized, and sometimes they come to our rescue to hide our mess in difficult times. But to choose closed shelves, you can be sure that the small room of the house is not the right place. Open shelves will make the room look much larger, thanks to the depth they create.


One of the first tactics that most of us know and especially when it comes to small rooms are mirrors. The same goes for dark rooms. It makes the room much wider and brighter by reflecting the incoming light and creating depth.

Use reflective ceramics

If the low-light room of our house is a kitchen, there is another tactic you can apply instead of mirrors: bright and light-tone ceramics. Especially if it is applied to the area between the counter and cabinets, it will reveal the details to reflect the light and create a more enjoyable area for you.

Transparent furniture

You should definitely try transparent furniture, especially if you have a dark sofa set. You will both create a different contrast with your seats and allow the light to travel comfortably through the room.

Metal Surfaces

If our goal is to make the room as bright as possible, what we need to do is to ensure that the light travels easily and is reflected from the surfaces. When we look from this point of view, wouldn’t it be more logical to prefer thinner and metallic surface frames instead of thick and dark-colored frames?

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