What is Bohemian Decoration? Bohemian Decorating ideas

Thanks to the decoration, the atmosphere you create in your living space can help you enjoy the time you spend at your home more. So, in what style did you decorate your home, or are you planning to do it? Or are none of the decoration styles you have encountered so far actually reflect you? In that case, it means that you haven’t fully met bohemian style home decoration. Let’s take a look at the details of the bohemian style decoration that appeals to free souls.

What Is This Bohemian Style Home Decoration?

What is Bohemian Decoration? Bohemian Decorating ideas 2

Bohemian style, inspired by nomadic life, is one of the decoration models that are not bound by the rules. In homes that are usually decorated with comfortable furniture in a maximalist way, the important thing is to create a comfortable space. With this style, which draws its strength from vibrant colors, ethnic patterns, and irregularities, you should not doubt that you will achieve an extraordinary effect in home decoration.

So let’s help you get to know this style better by giving bohemian decoration suggestions.

Furniture with Nostalgic Effects at the Forefront

If you have looked at the bohemian style examples, you must have noticed. There is something about the past in this style. You have a few alternatives to have furniture that will create this effect.

If you wish, you can buy old furniture from second-hand shops and then perform the necessary maintenance, or you can buy new furniture with vintage design. Another option for you is to make modern designed furniture look different thanks to auxiliary bohemian decoration products. For example, seat covers, colorful cushions; You can get help from ethnic patterned tablecloths.

Also, choosing low furniture is one of the most striking points in this style. For example, you can include poufs in your home, you can use large cushions on the floor and evaluate a part of the rooms in this way, or you can make beds and armchairs from pallets.

Vivid Colors and Remarkable Patterns in Different Styles

We mentioned that colors have an important place in the bohemian decoration style. Bohemian style offers free space in this regard and leaves everything to your imagination. Although it is generally known for the combination of vivid colors, you can use bright, matte, pastel, and contrasting colors of your choice while implementing this style.

To keep the area moving, another thing you can get help with is the patterns. In bohemian decoration, you can be free in choosing patterns as well as colors. Because in this style, it is not possible to focus on just one pattern. For example, when decorating the living room with bohemian, you can choose plant-patterned wallpapers on your walls and include ethnic patterns on your cushions and geometric patterns on your carpet. Of course, it is essential to give importance to color harmony and to create a stylish and psychologically not tiring space.

What is Bohemian Decoration? Bohemian Decorating ideas 3

Decorating Ideas with Bohemian Home Accessories

Bohemian furniture, colors, and patterns you choose… Of course, these are among the main factors that affect how your decoration will look. But, as you know, details are also of great importance for you to achieve the home decoration you dream of. So, how can you benefit from which decoration product in this style influenced by nomadic culture?

Products made of natural materials go well with bohemian decoration and add sincerity to space. In this direction, you can choose wooden options for furniture or decorative products such as boxes. It is also a good idea to get help from wicker products, which have been very popular in recent years.

If naturalness is spoken of, of course, it is not possible without plants. You can refer to the freedom theme of bohemian life, especially by including large-sized plants.

Lighting products are among the products that will help you the most in creating a bohemian atmosphere. In addition to overhead lightings such as chandeliers and pendant lamps, lighting products such as lampshades, floor lamps, and wall lamps are ready for the task to create a pleasant space.

You can create an intimate space by including knitted products in your living space. For example, macrame decorative products, knitted blankets you can put on your armchairs, or even rattan knitted single swings can create magnificent reflections.

Candles, candle holders, trinkets, wall panels… There is plenty of room for decorative items in bohemian home decoration. Don’t forget to combine bohemian and maximalist styles with these products.

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