4 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Tips for professionals are common in cycling, but you won’t find many tips for beginners. Want to start cycling but don’t know where to start? Read our tips and learn the 4 golden rules for beginner cyclists.

  1. You don’t need to be a perfect athlete

Cycling is often portrayed as a sport for people in the form of Olympic athletes with excellent condition. In this case, we perceive as if everything depends on suffering as if cycling is to climb high peaks or climb the top of a mountain.

For the majority of cyclists, this definition is far from reality. Thinking about it, the bicycle is nothing more than a vehicle that facilitates transportation first.

Today’s bicycles are extremely light, robust, and easy to use. Unless you live in a very bumpy area, getting from point A to point B is not more difficult than walking, and much faster.
So forget these old-fashioned words. For most people, riding a bike is no more difficult than anything else they want to do.

  1. Make up your own mind

You don’t need a coach or a heart rate monitor to be a good bike rider. All of these tools can be important when you really want to perfect yourself, but if you’re cycling just to keep fit and have fun, you don’t need to turn every exercise into a scientific experiment. Start slowly and gradually increase your distance.

  1. Take care of your cycling gear

How to maintain a bicycle?

Today, bicycles are simple machines. That’s why you can maintain and repair your bike yourself. Remember to lubricate and clean the chain regularly, so the transmission on your bike will remain optimal.

Even if you leave your bicycle to a professional, we recommend that you at least learn to repair your wheel. Practice yourself at home to be prepared for every eventuality on the road. Always have a bike pump and spare bladder with you.

  1. Don’t compromise on comfort

Spending a long time on the bike can be uncomfortable. We recommend that you use gel-backed tights for smooth walking when your feet are on the ground. If the feeling of discomfort persists, it is helpful to adjust the angle of the seat or change the seat.

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