5 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes You Should Never Make

Although the decoration of the living room or living room comes to mind when talking about home decoration, decoration of other living areas in your home is also very important. The right bedroom decoration is of great importance in order to have a healthy sleep and wake up to a happy day. When you design your bedroom decoration with the right colors and the right items, there is no reason not to start the day happily and energetically after a healthy sleep. If you have a question about how to decorate your bedroom, here are the answers and tips.

Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

1. No Soft Colors in the Bedroom

When you use soft and light colors instead of energetic colors like red, orange, yellow in your bedroom, you can start the day calmly and happily. White, ecru, lavender shades, sky blue, powder shades of pink and gray are key colors to start your day happy. These tones help you relieve the tiredness of the day and help you sleep easily.

2. Positioning Your Bed in the Wrong Place

The bed is the main item in your bedroom. So it should be in the center of the room. If you place your bed somewhere on the edge while you are decorating the bedroom, your bed may remain uninspiring no matter how flashy. The right choice for the location of your bed is the wall opposite the door. Another right choice for placing your bed can be the longest wall in the room. You can determine the location of your bed according to the principles of Feng Shui. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, you can place your bed in a place far from the door, but where the door is within sight. According to this philosophy, you have to leave the space around your bed and rest your headboard on the wall. In this way, you can notice a person entering the room before he sees you and you can ensure the flow of energy.

3. Wrong Lighting

You need to pay attention to lighting while decorating the bedroom. Using the only chandelier as the lighting option in your bedroom may be the wrong choice. Besides the chandelier, you can also consider other lighting options. If you are reading a book at night, you can make room for the night light in your nightstand. In addition, you can change the air of your bedroom and add a different atmosphere with lampshades, sconces, and floor lamps.

4. Narrowing Your Narrow Bedroom With Wide Furniture

When decorating narrow bedrooms, make sure to use a bed as low as possible instead of using high bedsteads and high furniture. Since painting the walls of your bedroom in dark colors will make your room narrower and smaller, you can turn your narrow bedroom into a spacious and spacious bedroom when you paint the walls of your room with light wall paint instead of dark colors.

5. Leaving the Walls Empty

You can open the doors of your bedroom to a completely different world by using the tables among the bedroom decoration products on your walls. You can create a window that opens to a separate world through the walls using three-dimensional paintings on the walls of your room. When choosing a table for your bedroom, you can easily fall asleep if you choose the paintings that use the colors in pastel tones that are easy on the eyes.

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