8 Bathroom Decorating Mistakes You Should Never Make

Decoration of small spaces of the house, such as the bathroom, must be done carefully. Considering these designs, it can create both comfortable and visual use. So what are the decorations that should not be made in the bathroom? How can you apply details in your bathroom?

Since the bathrooms are a humid place that can be exposed to water, mistakes in decoration can cause damage to the bathroom and problems. In order to achieve a comfortable and rich bathroom decoration, you should stay away from some decoration mistakes. The first thing you need to do is head towards wet floors. You should use nonslip items because of the wet floors in the bathrooms. Alternatively, you can choose non-slip products. You should avoid using excess accessories. Accessories add color and vitality to the visual, but it can cause accidents as it will cause a crowd of space. You can choose to put the accessories in the glass cabinet.

Bathroom Decorating Mistakes

  • They are the most used plants from bathroom accessories. However, since the bathrooms are moist areas, it can cause plants to die. For this reason, you should choose the plant you will use according to its resistance to humid environments.
  • The use of carpets in the bathroom is a decoration tradition that has existed for years. However, this is not the right approach. Because carpets trap all the moisture in the bathroom. And this situation causes bad odors to occur.
  • Shower curtains with lots of patterns and frills will be the wrong choice. Because these curtains also create cheapness in terms of elegance. It is best to use nylon curtains that are also water-resistant instead.
  • You can use round deep models in the sink. Because more minimal models will cause the bathroom to get wet more quickly.
  • Lighting is another important subject in the bathroom. In order to make the bathroom more modern, you need to use the lights correctly. In order to create a clearer image, you should prefer lighting that creates a brighter effect.
  • One of the most used parts of the bathroom is towels. If you use your towels messy, this creates an ugly look. For this reason, you can choose rack models instead of hangers.
  • Keeping the bathroom pipes and washing machine pipes visible will not create a nice view. Therefore, storing the pipes in the cabinet will create a stylish image.
  • Keeping everyday items used in the bathroom in sight causes mess and accidents. For this, you must keep the items in a cupboard. To add elegance, you can choose glass cabinets.

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